Denzel mode

30 Nov

Denzel Washington! Now If I have ever had a man crush on anyone it has to be my man …Denzel .So much so that my alter ego the more confident , louder , abrasive & charming version of myself is named after the great man himself .The other night I was thinking to myself If anyone was to play me in a movie it had to be Denzel, no brainer. I will be the first to admit that I havnt done anything in my life that has warranted a multi million dollar blockbuster feature ( just yet )…dare to dream.

If you would let me , please allow me to indulge myself .Why is Denzel my man crush .I think a better question is: “Why isn’t he your man-crush?” Denzel Washington is, simply put, the man. He has a charming everyman quality and every movie he has ever been in has been better because of his presence.Denzel is one of the greatest actors of our time .I don’t recall ever being disappointed by any of his movies .He can do no wrong in my eyes.In fact I have often wondered what it be like to spend a day with Denzel.If it stopped being a man crush and became a fully reciprocated bromance.Would he start it off with the way he introduced himself in Training day to Officer Hoyt ? “Today’s a training day, Officer Hoyt(Replace with Taf). Show you around, give you a taste of the business. I got 38 cases pending trial, 63 in active investigations, another 250 on the log I can’t clear. I supervise five officers. That’s five different personalities. Five sets of problems. You can be number six if you act now. But I ain’t holding no hands, okay? I ain’t baby-sitting. You got today and today only to show me who and what you’re made of.Imagine that.

We would spend the day the way I imagine Denzel spends most of his days. First, we’d volunteer for a few hours at the local soup kitchen. Then we’d rescue a few kittens from trees. Next, we’d drop toys and piles of cash off at the local orphanage.Ward off hordes of clamouring groupies . After a light lunch and quick trip to the blood bank to donate our plasma, Denzel would probably have to go shoot some terrorists or thwart a bank robbery, which, as always, would be exciting to watch.

I could carry on about this , but I digress.Now I can’t really recall when I named my alter ego Denzel. Its been that long .It was in effort to try and track back the history behind that that my mind drifted off on a bit of a tangent. The cold fermented drink I was sipping on in this instance might have been the instigator ( Blame it on the alcohol, why not?)But the point is somehow I found myself musing. Aren’t we all the Denzel’s of our own movies , the movie being our lives.You would hope that in the movie that is your life , you are the star , and not just co star, or worse an extra.

Now me let attempt to expand on this concept ,something I tentatively refer to as Denzel mode i.e being the star of the movie .I think that we all make sense of our world through a fluid narrative that throws us our forgotten lines when we have botched the dialogue or lost the story. Our personal script moves the action around our hero,our main character… our Denzel . The cast of antagonists are identified by their abstract otherness or culpability. Our misfortunes and phobias are relegated to the Company, the Man, or worst of all, the Family. The perceived insult is double sided , it’s nothing personal, or worse, it is.

Interestingly enough though, while we assign our misery to others,( we love to play the blame game)in the movie about our lives we are divas , we seldom acknowledge the vital role co stars , extras etc play in moving the plot along ever closer to our intended destiny.For example, it is the in leaving the ex that we are able to find the right one. But do we ever appreciate the role that these people play. Personally I don’t trust anyone who only has bad things to say about their ex.

Our lives are filled with nameless D list actors who nonetheless present us with our most splendid opportunities but fail to be listed when our credits roll. You see in the real movies even the caterer is acknowledged when the credits roll.I think in a way that is how we should approach real life .We need to understand, appreciate, acknowledge that while we are stars in our own movies, our movies can only be great when others play their part .When we grow our experiences whether negative or positive define us .Just as Denzel needs a villain for him to be the hero of the movie , everyone who walks into our lives plays a part .

While we have little choice but to play the main character of our own movie we can & should understand and empathize with the maddening throng of extras that seem to be acting off-script for they too are movie stars of their own films.

In conclusion I will say one last thing.That is, in the movie that is my life , I hope to emulate my hero Denzel and win the Oscar for best leading actor.When I get get up on stage to accept the Oscar I promise to thank everyone who has played a part in making my life the blockbuster that i am determined to make it.

DISCLAIMER : This blog may have been written under the influence of a cold fermented one.

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