LOL (Love Out Loud)

21 Feb

They lived their Love Out Loud for all to see.
In daily posts on Facebook , he and her.
Hourly they’d broadcast the words of their wooing.
In little saccharine lines of billing and cooing.

So it continued for a year, their passion unwavering.
All their friends getting updates, (controlling their gagging),
And, even though it appeared a tad over the top,
It also appeared deep, like a love that wouldn’t stop.

Then came a day when their friend signed on to mingle,
And the Romeo of this story had changed his status to “single”!
What on earth could have happened to prise these lovers apart,
When every beat of their lives seemed to stem from one heart?

Well, the story goes that the Juliet had an illness of sorts
It had made her unhappy, so goes the report,
And Romeo had put up with it for three weeks or so
Then said she should get over it, or he’d have to go.

What is the moral of this sad little cyber-story?
That love’s so much more than the hype and the glory,
That love hangs around when there’s trouble such as this,
That it’s definitely deeper than: “I love you “…kiss, kiss , kiss

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