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Cape-Tivity: The Bucket List

I had my first sun-downer in months today.  A corona with lime. For me this marks the start of  the silly season (Spring/summer). Ever since I became an imbiber of the amber coloured nectar of the gods Corona has been my preferred drink for the silly season. Its the perfect drink for the warmer months. That and I still don’t do pink drinks. I am partial to the fist bump with the explosions though. Its my guilty pleasure *Kanye Shrug*.

This past week we have been spoiled with a few glorious sunny days. Winters grey clouds are becoming more and more infrequent. Clear blue sky’s are gradually taking their place. .*In Oprah voice*”You are getting sunshine, yes, you too …you are getting sunshine. Capetonians, you are all getting sunshine” Its safe to say winter is finally over. Fellow Capetonians might be hesitant to celebrate just yet as the Mother City can be quite the diva. She always gets her way with Mother Nature and she can be moody which means often having to experience all the four seasons in a single day. When she smiles, you cant help but indulge her diva tendencies. Its totally worth it. The days are longer. The sunsets increasingly more breathtaking and awe inspiring.

It is in the spirit of wanting to make the most of the good weather that I have decided to make some resolutions for the sill season. A bucket list for a summer in Cape-Tivity.( No one knows what it means but its provocative, it gets the people going..) Things that I hope  to have done come the end of warmer days.


1. Smile and Wave

Smile with the rising sun. Every. Single. Morning. Skipper the Penguin taught me.

2. Learn how to Kite surf.

Last summer whilst catching up with mates on the beach front in Table View (Which by the way has the most amazing picturesque view of Table Mountain) we happened to spot people kite surfing. I must admit it looks like such an adrenalin rush. Its an exciting mix of para gliding, wake boarding, surfing and gymnastics all rolled up in one extreme sport. I have been dying to try it out ever since. (Ignoring the fact that I can barely surf, but darn it, I am going to Kite surf or drown trying.) Why? Cos Booyah that’s why. Also according to those in the know Cape Town is one of the best locations in the world to kite surf. Kitebeach a world renowned kite-surfing spot is right at my doorstep. Sign me up.

3. Go-karting.

Haven’t done this in years. Need to fix that. Karting is one of the most exciting and exhilarating activities I have ever done. There are very few things quite like the thrill of buzzing along at up to 80km per hour at only 5 cms off the ground. The closest I will ever to get to the Formula 1 racing experience.

4. Hiking

Explore the great outdoors the way God intended – on my own two feet! This means regular hikes up Lion’s head, Table Mountain etc. The full moon hike up Lion’s Head is a definitely the main attraction.

5. Dance

Yes thats right, I am going to throw another D on it. last Summer was all about Debauchery and decadence.  This years installment will have to include dancing. Not just in front of the mirror, I intend on coming alive on the dancefloor. No more posting up by the bar acting all Denzel and all that jazz. This summer we boogie down. Thats whats up.

6. Live Theatre

Watch a live play at the theatre. For the Struggling Culture Vulture in me.

7. Rock climbing

Finally take up that rock climbing course I have been telling myself I will do for the last year or so. My family totem is the Monkey so I have feeling I might just be a natural at this. Bring it on.

8. Alfresco dining.

I plan on eating out (Literally). I am thinking picnics in the park, by the beach, you name. Braai’s will be a staple. That’s a no brainer. Sun-downers on rooftops. The works.

9. Outdoor summer music concerts.

I missed out on the first major festival of the silly season – Rocking the Daisies. By all accounts it seems like it more than lived up to the hype. Luckily I wont have to wait till next years installment to get my festival fix as there still a few more festivals before the silly season ends. In particular the series of sunset concerts at the Kirstenbosch gardens

10. Visit Franschoek

A weekend getaway to Franschoek. a.k.a “The French corner” .The picturesque village that is the food and wine heartland of South Africa. Google the images. That is all. ( also refer to 8)

Cape-Tivity. Let the fun in the sun begin!

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The Dimples in Her Eyes

Waitress: ‘Deep in thought, huh ?”

Me: “Yeah”

Waitress: “What you thinking about?”

Me: ‘This woman I met once.”

Waitress: “Oh my … this woman’s work…”

We are all out here just looking for some good coffee and free wi-fi. Some times we bump in to each other” – Yours Truly.

Like most scribes I have always wanted to be quotable, so ummm, quote me, maybe?

I met this girl who I am in still in awe of and respect very much. Although you could say it didn’t work out (In the traditional happily ever after sense) I got a lot of inspiration from the experience so much so that I ind myself writing this this just to spend time with her again. I have taken from the experience a few timely lessons and reminders. She was a reminder a woman’s worth, of Eve – the reason why God made made woman. Somebody that I used to know. Somebody that I need to know. Someone to share my dreams with. She made me believe again

Romance is the possibility of things. It’s about the time between when you first lay yours eyes on her beauty and the first time her voice caress’s your ears. Its about the time you are first hypnotised by her mercurial smile as she undresses your conscience and makes love to your thoughts and when you first make love to her. When you first ask a her to marry you and when she says I do.

It was that Sunday kind of nothing. She was searching for a connection, (wi- fi). I was in my write space. It was the perfect crash. Chance the perfect wing man. She said one thing, I said another. The next thing I knew I wanted to stay lost in the rhythm of that verbal tango. I found myself letting down the walls built around my mind and with a zany frivolity she danced and laughed in my library. I let her borrow from reference section in my soul. I hung on to every word that dripped from her honey dripped voice, accentuated by that slight inflection of her French accent. I found myself repeatedly bumping my funny bone. Right place. The right girl. A moment … lived. The ambiance bottled in my memory forever.

This game of life is full of twists and turns and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment – the moment that could have changed everything. We are virtually more connected than ever before thanks in no small part to the proliferation of social media but with a dash of cruel irony we hardly ever meet. We don’t talk anymore. We whats-app. We tweet. We ‘like’. We instagram it. We capture, but hardly live the moment. Always engaged, never connected. Yeah I know I am out here tweeting with best of them. The hypocrisy of blogging about this is not lost on me either. It doesn’t change the lesson though. Dont miss the moments.

The dimples in your eyes. They still make my heart smile.

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