The Dimples in Her Eyes

01 Oct

Waitress: ‘Deep in thought, huh ?”

Me: “Yeah”

Waitress: “What you thinking about?”

Me: ‘This woman I met once.”

Waitress: “Oh my … this woman’s work…”

We are all out here just looking for some good coffee and free wi-fi. Some times we bump in to each other” – Yours Truly.

Like most scribes I have always wanted to be quotable, so ummm, quote me, maybe?

I met this girl who I am in still in awe of and respect very much. Although you could say it didn’t work out (In the traditional happily ever after sense) I got a lot of inspiration from the experience so much so that I ind myself writing this this just to spend time with her again. I have taken from the experience a few timely lessons and reminders. She was a reminder a woman’s worth, of Eve – the reason why God made made woman. Somebody that I used to know. Somebody that I need to know. Someone to share my dreams with. She made me believe again

Romance is the possibility of things. It’s about the time between when you first lay yours eyes on her beauty and the first time her voice caress’s your ears. Its about the time you are first hypnotised by her mercurial smile as she undresses your conscience and makes love to your thoughts and when you first make love to her. When you first ask a her to marry you and when she says I do.

It was that Sunday kind of nothing. She was searching for a connection, (wi- fi). I was in my write space. It was the perfect crash. Chance the perfect wing man. She said one thing, I said another. The next thing I knew I wanted to stay lost in the rhythm of that verbal tango. I found myself letting down the walls built around my mind and with a zany frivolity she danced and laughed in my library. I let her borrow from reference section in my soul. I hung on to every word that dripped from her honey dripped voice, accentuated by that slight inflection of her French accent. I found myself repeatedly bumping my funny bone. Right place. The right girl. A moment … lived. The ambiance bottled in my memory forever.

This game of life is full of twists and turns and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment – the moment that could have changed everything. We are virtually more connected than ever before thanks in no small part to the proliferation of social media but with a dash of cruel irony we hardly ever meet. We don’t talk anymore. We whats-app. We tweet. We ‘like’. We instagram it. We capture, but hardly live the moment. Always engaged, never connected. Yeah I know I am out here tweeting with best of them. The hypocrisy of blogging about this is not lost on me either. It doesn’t change the lesson though. Dont miss the moments.

The dimples in your eyes. They still make my heart smile.

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