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Brother To Your Struggle.

Its 3:46 in the morning.Tossing and turning … chest burning. These visions in my head keep recurring. Memories of you. I am sweating in my sheets. I cant sleep. My mind keeps telling me you are six feet under …  Please don’t remind me.

R.I.P Tafadzwa Jakarasi 18/08/85 – 7/11/12.

Hey Champ. What’s really … ?

So … I know I am late, but better late than never.

Damn. I am bugging out on how much I miss you man. I know I promised  no more tears. It hasn’t been easy, but word is bond. I am fighting back these tears with the same courage that you fought your battles. This right here is something I wish I didn’t have to write but since I never got to say goodbye I thought I’d just pour out a little ink on this page. I have got  a whole lot of things I need to tell you. It sucks that I have to talk to you through this pen. I am not even sure its something I can even write about coherently but I will try.

You knew and understood better than most people why lately I have been fancying myself quite the quintessential renaissance man trying my hand at this  this writing thing. You always encouraged me. Always inspired me. Never doubted me. But most importantly you shared your struggle with me. Thank you. I will always love you for that.

It was an honour to stand in your corner, watching you and urging you on as you went toe to toe, round after round with the Grim Reaper. You fought a really good fight. Like the champion that you are. Proud of you Sazi.

That being said if it wasn’t the for the will that God had made I’d turd turn back the hands of time and take your place.Even though I know you smiling down on me and saying “Soldier on Taf”, I am  still feeling like the timing was wrong Sazi. That’s when I’m not feeling like God did me wrong. It feels like I am dying every second that you are gone. Nevertheless I am trying my best to be strong. The way you taught me.

When I started writing this I didn’t actually plan on saying goodbye. I was going to ask you for one last favour. The way I figured, now that you up there you had no excuse. You couldn’t say no to looking out for your whilst I’m still down here fighting the good fight. Then it hit me. The day they laid you to rest is the day they found me. I see you! You don’t waste time  huh? Here I was trying to ask you to have my back when you never stopped looking out for me.  Thank you. On the real though that was just Lege…wait for it … *Smiles and waves to the sky*…ndery!

Thank you for showing  me true courage and schooling me on how to be a champion in this game of life. Till we meet again.

One last salute …

ROC boys forever!

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