02 Sep


What If I wasn’t a pretender? Would I have been truly yours?

What if I say I had you, but you never had me?

What if you had kept it? Would she have your eyes?

Would you have loved her? Or resented her?

What If I told you that it was my prerogative to hit it and not commit?

Would you have respected me?  Or just called me a misogynist.

What if I told I just needed space to chase all my dreams?

What If I told you ran to save myself?

Does that make me a coward?

What if I had put you before my ego?

What If I hadn’t forgotten to be your friend?

What If I believed in us as much as you believed in me?

What if you didn’t always have to go out and smoke on the balcony?

Would we have talked more? Would I have listened?

What if I had been sober that first night?

What if lust was enough?

What if you were right? And I just came wrong?

What if I didn’t just write my wrongs on this page?

What if I could turn back the hands of time?

Would I do anything differently?

What if I told you I told you I often wonder if you a married now … If you are happy?

What if I told you I know I did damage?

What if I had romanced you instead of the past?

What if I had I stayed? Would I have learned to love you?

What If I had stayed? Would I be happily married instead of broke and unwed?

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