Still I Write

20 Mar


They said there will be days like this.

I usually feel like I have so much to say and do not enough time or space in which to do so. On most good creative days I usually have a rough idea what I am going to write about by the time I am done with my morning workout. Today was not one of those days. Finding something to write about on this blog today wasn’t easy. Before I drafted my first sentence I spent hours searching for an idea. Most of what I had come up with during my morning workout felt uninspired, mundane even. Perhaps mirroring the lethargic and mechanical process that was my morning workout today.

The ideas I had weren’t necessarily bad ones.They just didn’t feel like the right ideas that I could run with. That was until I read this …

The paradox is that the more proficient we become, the easier it is to notice gaps in our knowledge—the closer we get to our goal, the more unsatisfied we will be.

It’s funny how a random word, sentence or a passage can spark an insight that will bring me back to my computer, eager to share my idea. Such is the creative process. It’s a constant tug-of-war between saying something fresh and meeting a goal, originality versus practicality. We want to sound novel, but we know that true novelty is impossible, so we settle somewhere in between. And yet, even though our creative ideals might be unattainable, we’ll keep striving to bring them into reality.

As I have continued on my writing journey I have wanted everything I write to be better than the last thing I  wrote. That isn’t always the case though. In fact I am learning that the more I write the more critical of my writing I become, the more aware I am of my shortcomings as a writer. But still I write, because when I look at the bigger picture I see that I am gradually becoming a better writer even if I am not always my own favorite writer.  When I started writing I had no idea that a consequence of that process would be becoming more aware of the gaps in my skills as a writer whilst actually becoming a better writer. And that is the unknown unknown that I have discovered for myself today.

Here’s to discovering more unknown unknowns, on the blank page and in all areas of our lives.

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