02 Apr

O time, thou must untangle this, not I. It is too hard a knot for me t’untie.” -William Shakespeare

I haven’t read any of Shakespeare’s works since high school but some of his words like the ones above have stayed with me. Even though more than ten years have passes since my high school English Literature classes I find myself still able to quote some of the more memorable lines from Twelfth night, our set book at the time. Over the years I have been in many situations when I have just resigned myself to father time to hopefully solve whatever problem I have faced at the time. In those times Shakespeare words gave me some reassurance that I was doing the right thing. After all who was I to question Shakespeare one of the greatest and influential literary minds.

But the older I have gotten the more I’ve begun to question the wisdom of these words. I have slowly learned that a nuanced take on the particular challenge is necessary. Sometimes leaving time to untangle the knot for you is not only passive, but a sure fire way to guarantee you will never untie that knot. I have also realised that you can’t control everything and at times you have to let go and let time untangle the knot for you. Being able to make that decision though is easier said than done. I always try to go with my gut. It never lets me down, but unfortunately I have let it down one too many times.

As I write this I find myself thinking more and more about what happens when we actually allow time to untangle the knots in our lives. That maybe all Shakespeare was really trying to say was that when we do not have the answers we seek at any particular moment, the best we can do is let time give us those answers. But what happens when we resign ourselves to the hands of time? Either we change or our environment changes. So sometimes its just an act of humility and acceptance that we do not have all answers. It is also an expression of hope that one day we will find those answers we seek.

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