Africa is a Country

25 May

‘ They call it Africa. We call it Home.’ …HAPPY AFRICA DAY! (Wrote this two years ago and decided to reblog in commemoration of Africa Day today)

Moonwalking With My Muse

When I left Zimbabwe to go to study in university in Australia, to be honest the only thing I was excited about was that I was leaving my parents house. No more curfew, no more “My House, My rules”. That long flight over the Indian Ocean was my very own long flight to freedom.It was my independence. It seems trivial and laughable now,but you did not break curfew in my parents house. Ever! ( which was usually 6pm for me). On top of that I had spent the entirety of my teenage years in an all boys Catholic boarding school. To say I felt like had been missing out is an understatement. So yeah this was freedom. On a scale I had never experienced before. It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that I wasn’t fully prepared for the challenges this new found freedom brought with it. Aside…

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